Will they come back no more? Cry. Breathe.

To read full article in Polish go to: http://centrumsztukitanca.eu/recenzja-spektaklu-ogrody-opuscily-swoje-drzewa/ Exordium[1] I feel nothing. There is nothing but waiting, emptiness. In this emptiness, there is a rope and a naked body tied to it, flung to a corner of the stage. From the twilight, accompanied by a cellist sitting aside , a female figure shows up. In her hands, she holds a […]

Nutcracker or Christmas repertoire

Christmas is a time when everyone long for sweetness, warmth and delicacy. Children are waiting  for gifts, and adults for a moment of peace, in which at home, by the fireplace or among the best friends, they can sit calmly with their favorite drink in hand. Well, let’s say that the version with the drink is a variant – not […]


To read in Polish go to: http://centrumsztukitanca.eu/recenzja-spektaklu-ciemnosc-to-jest-ukryte-justyna-stanislawska/ Once upon a time there was a big bang in the dark and God/Gods created/made this world and Man with it. At first he was destined to live between the light and the dark, to distinguish between day and night, and good from evil … But Moirais spin a different thread for everyone and […]


To read in Polish go to: http://centrumsztukitanca.eu/recenzja-ze-spektaklu-more-justyna-stanislawska/ Who are we? Our thoughts, feelings, experiences, motives and ways of acting are probably only a small part of what we call human potential. We came to being unexpectedly at some point in space-time and from this moment we subject to many, more or less conscious, transformations. We change the reality that surrounds us, […]


To read in Polish go to: http://centrumsztukitanca.eu/recenzja-ze-spektaklu-dzien-w-ktorym-v-dala-mi-do-myslenia-albo-jak-pozbylam-sie-prokrastynacji/ Procrastination is the result of a competition between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex. The limbic system is responsible for emotions and impulsiveness, including striving for an immediate reward. the prefrontal cortex, in turn,  is responsible for concentration, self-management, attention and goals, and perception of time.[1]  Sooner or later  each of us experiences […]