Ballet Russe or what dance lovers drink on New Year’s Eve

The New Year is approaching, in a moment the carnival will begin, and so the time in which we traditionally allow ourselves more – also at the table. I mean the menu, of course, because good manners should never be overlooked. I also plan to have fun at the carnival: boisterous for some of us and those (others) more intimate.

– What do dance lovers drink on New Year’s Eve? – I recently heard a question from a friend.

It probably depends on so called “dance lover”, but I to my mind theatre and dance oblige, so the taste, ingredients and form of a drink will be important. Because New Year’s Eve reminds me of the magic of shimmering silk dresses, feathers and sophisticated interiors, the classic comes to mind. And I will recommend it. So a cocktail with a ballet note!

Ballet Russe

Here it is!  A cocktail with a history! Its history goes back to ancient times (around the end of the 19th century / early 20th century). It owes its name to the commonly liked and popular ballet groups, performing at that time in Paris, which not only gathered great dancers, who were also often the object of various types of social rumors. Not only ballerinas as Tamara Karsavina (soloist of the Mariinsky Theater from St. Petersburg) came to France, but also many dancers looking for a good chance in Western Europe. What does all this mean? Well … This cocktail should be refined in taste, and after drinking it – you can dance in stockings until dawn!

The cocktail is served in a cocktail glass (such as for Martini):
• 60 ml of pure vodka
• 22.5 ml of Cassis cream with blackcurrant 18%
• 30 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
• 7.5 ml of sugar syrup (2: 1)

Alternative version:
• 1 serving of pure vodka
• ½ serving of dry vermouth
• ½ serving of Orange Curacao

In both versions, the ingredients are well mixed with ice. A glass can be decorated with lime (version with lime juice) or sugar crystals.

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